A leaf flutters past my stalled feet. It's brown and dead, yet it seems to sparkle as if it were studded with a thousand diamonds. The chill in the air causes a shudder down my back and it shakes me visibly. My eyes, my beautiful hypnotic eyes gaze into your own, piercing your vision so that the world seems to slip from around. Now it's just you and me. Alone in the chilling darkness. You and me to face. Are we together or are we to head in different directions, never to meet again until eternity passes over? The magenta orbs seem to glow in the glare of the winter sun.

In these hues you see the hunter inside. Watching...watching what? You. You as you gaze back stunned by my poisonous stare. My eyes dull the sound of my clawed toes as they advanced to yet another source of energy that would inevitably belong to their master. Fallen. Fallen to a monster with out a name. Only then do you break the spell as it finally hits that I'm not your friend but the very thing in your life that would like nothing than to trap your soul inside. Your soul. Your soul will be mine like everyone else in this once prosperous city.