Name is: Coffee Cream
Breed: Unicorn
Day job: Barista and cafe owner~
Cutie Mark: It's a steaming cup of coffee. I got it when I took my first drink of coffee in Manehatten and I knew from that moment on I wanted to be a connoisseur of such an amazing little drink.
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A little Story of my life: Coffee Cream was born into an upper class family in Manehatten. His mother was a pegasis and his father was a unicorn; pony genetics were soon explained to him when he was old enough to question how this was possible. He went to a good school, the kind all upper class ponies send their foals to, and he managed to make and stay in the top percentile. He wasn't the smartest or most brilliant pony, but he was far from average in his learning capabilities. When he obtained his cutie mark and realized what he wanted to do with his life, open up a cafe so that he could serve some of the finest coffee product in all of Equestria, he started taking classes in business. He was quite good at it, and once he graduated he decided he would get his start not in Manehatten, where the competition was rough, but in Ponyville. From his experience in visiting coffee shop after coffee shop he found that more often then not smaller local places, holes in the wall, had the best tasting food and drink.

So off to Ponyville he went, taking everything he'd learned about coffee and how to make it with him. Ponyville was so much smaller and quieter than Manehatten that he was in for a bit of a shock, but was soon able to get used to and love the peace and quiet. He's been a Ponyville resident for a grand total of two months; his cafe, CC Cafe, is only just getting started. To make sure that Sugarcube Corner doesn't think he's trying to steal their business he made a plan with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, that he wouldn't make desserts but he would sell a daily dessert from Sugarcube Corner as a promotion, as his cafe was more centered around coffee and sandwiches, not desserts.

Personality: Coffee Cream is confident in his abilities as a barista. Everything he sells he makes himself, all the coffees and drinks are of his making, getting the perfect coffee beans from all around Equestria to diversify the taste so that it appeals to everypony. He's a very kind and generous pony; instead of growing his own vegetables to cut down spending he likes to help out the community by buying fresh vegetables and other goods from the other ponies in Ponyville, giving them a small cut of his profit. He's a friendly pony, very approachable, and he likes doing social things. Despite coming from an upper class family, which can easily be seen from his dress and how he talks, he values each and every pony, believing that everypony has a service to offer society.

However, when he's out of his element he can get flustered easily, something he hates. When he's flustered he can't think straight and tends to make bad decisions and say the wrong things, which is especially annoying since he's known for being an intelligent and eloquent pony, always seeming to know what to say and how to say it in such a charming manner.

By no means is he a fighter. Coffee Cream prefers to talk it out and resolve issues with words, as opposed to outright physical violence. He doesn't like being pushed though, and if you push him hard enough he will fight back...not that's really saying anything. His bark is way worse than his bite, as his bite is rather...pathetic and sad to watch, really. His poor sight is another weakness, if he loses his glasses he can barely make out the pony in front of him. He's far sighted, so he can see things far away just fine, but if a pony in within five feet of him he can hardly make them out.

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