***New Topic. Devil May Cry, but as kids***
Two young boys inside a small 2 story house.
Your going to pay for that!
You have to catch me first!

They are identical twins with white hair. One wears a red shirt and shorts, the other a blue shirt and jeans.
"Dante, give it back!" exclaimes the boy in blue.
"Make me, Vergil!" The boy in red sticks out his tongue and runs up stairs. He holds a book that was being read by Vergil until he took it and ran. This periodically happens due to him either being bored or just wanting to mess with his brother. Dante runs to his room and tries to close the door. Vergil sticks his foot in between the door and the wall. Dante runs back, letting the door open again. Vergil,"Now you can't run. Just give me my book back."
He sticks out his hand.
"Not until you say your sorry for earlier."
Vergil,"What did I possibly do now to upset you?"
"You called me a delinquent, again! It's really annoying, you always have to..."
Vergil,"Wait, do you even know what the word means?"
".....No....But it doesn't sound good, so quit calling me it!"
Vergil sighed,"Once again, another excuse because you were bored. Fine, I'll play alone. I'm sorry."
Dante smiles,"Thank you. Now say your sorry for being you."
He laughed and stuck his tongue out.
Vergil rolls his eyes and turns,"It's not worth it. I'll get another book.
"Oh, come on!" Dante runs over, grabbing Vergil and turning him back,"You never want to do anything any more! All you do is read all day! Let's go outside for once."
Vergil sighs,"Fine...What do you want to play?"
Dante smiles,".....Let's play with dad's swords."