1. Kitsuyochi (my fox world - a yokai universe) Meets Soul Society (BLEACH).
2. Kitsuyochi (my fox world - a yokai universe) Meets The Universe Of The Four Gods (Fushigi Yuugi).
3. Reset of The Universe Of The Four Gods (Fushigi Yuugi), with fresh celestial warrior incarnations. - Of course, war is looming, or better yet, on going. Some incarnations recall past lives, others do not, and some might unlock memories as the story progresses.
4. Introduction of new characters to BLEACH, with new stories evolving specifically around these characters. Obviously, some would have to be villains. Creative RPers required, to create a unique story by each devising a nice little plot around their own character(s) to blend in with everyone else's.
5. The rediscovery of Boskasława, a timeless world (continent) once highly populated by: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Bellians (the evolutionary ancestor of Elves, Dwarves, and Feoric), and Feoric. - It's a yokai free-for-all universe, within a 1600's-1800's kind of setting.

My Pre-Made Main Characters:

Kitsuyochi - Seireikitsu Kitsuhana Hamika
--1/2 Kitsune, 1/2 Kami
--Young Adult, Nine Tails
--Primary Weapon: A yokai sword called a hatsumi (hers is a short sword), this one being made from a fusion of Kitsune, Kami, and Ryu/Long (Dragon)
--Secondary Weapon: Meteor Hammer (Weighted Chain)
--Abilities: Fox Fire, Fox Time Manipulation, Fox Space/Universe Manipulation

Boskasława - Hamika, A.K.A. Dindae
--Young Adult
--Primary Weapon: Short Sword
--Secondary Weapon: None
--Abilities: Bellian Sight (sees in the dark)

If interested, contact me on either this account, or the Hamika Kitsuhana account.
I would prefer to work with a co-host/GM, since I am only good at things like story, character, and universe creation, and am lacking in things like recruitment. (As an INTJ, I might be brilliant, but I am not very good at making and keeping friends. INTJs are not exactly compatible with everyone, nor are we all that popular.)