sorry it been a week since i was last on i babysat a 8month old named aria monday and tusday 4 a lady that works with my aunt patty wenday i was so bizzy cleaning my house cuz we r having tom aunt patty uncle mike and mary ellin aunt pattys mom 4 thanksgiving 2day on tusday we had the cops parked in the median tusday nite about 730 ish i missed the first 5 min of ncisla at 8 cuz i was watching the shariffs car 2 marked cop cars and 1 unmarked cop car at the frount ap across the street next 2 the ally thay brout a guy out with some garbige and drove off it was weired joc was at my house tusday 2 so we watch the action in the foyer on the steps looking out the window i get 2 go see braking dawn pt 2 2morro and go out 2 dinner with my sis in law and her mom lulu has a vet ap she getting her nails cut and her shots maby like on this coming tusday i think she will be spayed im happy 4 that but a little worryed cuz u know it is surgery even if it is routin well it is 8am i need 2 clean the kitchen now so we can cook have a great thanks giving b safe have fun enjoy the family cuz once u lose one it dose not feel the some