Lately i been writting a lot of things down... maybe cause i dont want to forget them or simply cause i want to get them out of my chest ...

Exactly 31 days left till i leave Puerto Rico... i got to say i am rather nervious. I never been away from here , and i wonder if i would be able to adapt. But overall i am happy... i will be with the person i love, and something tells me in the back of my mind that everything is going to be fine

Been using the journals more here cause at the end of the day i cannot take too many things with me , so if i need this for something or for motivation the only way i can reach it is somewhere i carry with me always

Apart from the whole stress from moving , i am also going true a lot of things in my mind.... being a trangender aint easy, specially when you dont got many support from who is around you. OR maybe i got the support, i just dont feel it close to me when i really need it

i been writting and drawing a lot to help me channel these emotions ... after all i got someone waiting for me to be happy ... and i will be ... for myself and him.

i wonder if he even reads this ...but if he does all ill tell him is " Papi i love you !"

well now to get some breakfast ... probably some waffle cookies and jelly will kill my hunger ... till next time peeps biggrin and happy thanksgiving :3