I dreamt I was waiting for the bus at night. It was dark and I was alone mostly. People passed but none of them really significant. I waited for hours on end for the bus that seemed to never come. I eventually boarded a double decker bus. I went out all the way to a foreign city. I didn't really recognize much.

Joanna and I went to a hotel room with Matt. The Rooms were gloriously big and lavish. White opaque sheets above the bed and big puffy down filled comforters on them. The beds had a really beautiful wooden structure that was stained and polished beautifully. The lighting in them even seemed a bit dim for a more romantic effect. There was a door to a balcony outside that overlooked a bit of the city.

I started playing with an IPad for a while that wasn't mine. I played a few games and then walked back to Joanna, we were there so we could do something for our current line of fans. I don't remember which ones though. She and I were sharing the room with Octy and Shiki and a few other men that I didn't really know. They wanted to go out and eat but we had a lack of funds. I asked Joanna about how the heck we would even get home and she said that we really didn't have the money so we better make some at the event.

It was slightly terrifying.