If you have time to complain how horrible your life is, then you really don't have a life to complain about
If you complain constantly about how horrible your life is all the time and don't do anything about it, you have no right to complain at all
If you can vent to someone all the feelings you have for someone but not have the courage to say it to their face, you have no right to say it at all
If someone earns your trust and respect by keeping all of your secrets and tells no one, then you should do the same for them or you have no right to ask them to not tell
If you look around you and keep judging everyone except for yourself, then you have no right to judge anything at all and are probably far worse than what you are judging as wrong
If you are so damned determined to have someone see your point of view enough to argue about it, then perhaps you should take the time to shut the **** up and listen to their point of view so you can understand theres
If you have enough time to complain about how bad your life is, you also have the time to enjoy how lucky you are
If you have time to post status after emotional status, you have time to change them and start thinking positive
If you can give someone encouragement about themselves, then stop insulting yourself and take your own advice
If you can replace someone so easily after so long, then you have no right to get angry if they replace you just as quickly
If you can vent and cry to someone everyday and expect them to be there, you can take the time to consider why they do that and perhaps try to stand on your own two feet for once and become the person you admire
If you cry and complain and insult the same person or people everyday, it makes you worse than the people you complain about because they don't waste their time on you so why waste your time on them?

You only have one life and 90% of the time it is as horrible as you make it is because you spend that time whining and thinking about all the negative things and thats why it is such a bad life, but you can change your life into a happier one by simply starting to think more positive and start becoming an independant person. Help me stop the whining and the negative thoughts in this world. Help me reach out to the self-absorbed, hypocrities out there. I dislike them, so I hope I can help them. Speak out and give these words to encouragement to people who REALLY need it.