Just reposting this here... just in case.

In a similar manner to ‘CrosStitch’, I see a user designed card contest as being something that would get the community involved in a good way.

What users could control in the design:
Initial Base art
Initial Name
Initial Faction
Initial Stats
Initial Abilities
Short 'back story' on unit (~100 words)

What users could not control:
Final Art
Final Name
Final Faction

Meaning the devs would still have creative control on the submission, but winners would actually be used for the game eventually. They would be able to edit the art to make it work, change the name if need be and make sure it is in the proper faction, colored properly, etc. They would also control the stats, level, etc so as not to get ridiculously powered cards.

The back story would allow the artist to give hints toward what type of unit they foresaw their design being; by giving more depth to it than just the name alone. i.e. "A brave warrior who valiantly defended the kingdom. His servitude has brought upon him great honor"; A bit higher HP and potentially having armor is what this unit would likely have... etc. It would clue in the artists to how you are thinking, without you directly biasing the unit and making it drastically overpowered. Keeping in mind your initial stats and abilities are likely to be changed if they are OP.

Art would obviously have to be someone’s own, meaning a template would need to be in place, etc. Most of the rules from CrosStitch would apply.

I am just briefly writing this up to get the idea out there. I will be editing it, expanding upon it and making it a more robust suggestion at a later date when I have more time to do so.