I feel that for the HoC marketplace, that there should be a minimum selling price for each card. I don’t think someone should be able to sell a card for 1 essence, just because they feel like it… everything would deflate ridiculously.

At the same time, you may be saying… if there is a minimum, how am I supposed to make essence in this system by making my card more desirable than someone else’s? I would address this by saying… If it gets to a certain point in value, you could always simply sell the card back to the shop. Having a minimum price would keep drastic deflation at bay [i.e. like what happened to zOMG! Rings when they were allowed to hit the gaia marketplace].

A way to combat the ‘how do I make mine more desirable’ piece, have something in play that displays cards of equal sale price by oldest to newest… meaning oldest show first. While this doesn’t fix everything, it does help combat the issue.

Additionally, this minimum price does not need to be what the card is sold at; it could be sold for more.

Now, onto what I believe the minimum should be:

A simple calculation to determine the price should be something like this…

1* -> 50* In Faction Mana Cost
2* -> 100* In Faction Mana Cost
3* -> 250* In Faction Mana Cost
4* -> 500* In Faction Mana Cost
5* -> 1000* In Faction Mana Cost

1* -> 500
2* -> 1000
3* -> 2500
4* -> 5000
5* -> 10000

All values in essence.

This is just what I’ve come up with so far, and numbers could obviously be tweaked… but I do feel a minimum needs to be in place to prevent a drastic decline in price which would cause anyone to easily get any card that they want… which would drastically destroy the ‘trading’ aspect of the game. I really don’t want a repeat of what happened with the zOMG! Rings, but I do think cards should be sellable… which means some minimum that covers all cards needs to be in place.