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OC's & Stories All the information for my role playing or sharing my latest chapters in my story I've been creating.

Eriale Maru
Community Member
Sacred Rose, Chapter 1: All the Beginning
Long ago when kings and queens ruled over people. With their huge castles, knights and royalty manner. In the city of Scarlet Roses,Queen Shaaria and King Shaar had a beautiful young daughter by the name of Laeril Anabell Barastl. As Laeril grew up she was very shy and lonesome most of her life. At the age of five she went to school. She was the center of attention to
everyone but she always wanted to be alone. Well,sadly for her, she wasalways needed or wanted for something and so she had to follow. By the time she moved onto middle school,she was relieve from all the mayhem she had gone through elementary.

Laeril had stunning purple eyes with black long hair,all with her model like body and elegant,fashionable style. It was no wonder why all the guys wanted her,but she rejected them and kept herself from others. Time went by through middle school and she passed with flying colors. Her parents were thrilled and Laeril was rather proud of herself; but still she was lonesome and unsure of things. High school began and she was nervous and scared. She walk through the halls trying to find her first class and suddenly, a boy had ran into her. She fell to the ground with her stuff every where, she hurried to pick up her things and ran off before the boy could speak.

Later that day at lunchtime, she sat up against a tree and ate her lunch. The boy from earlier noticed her and walked up to her. Laeril looked up to notice the boy there and she felt startled. "What do you want?!" said Laeril. The boy studied her carefully and said: "I just thought I say Hi." Laeril looked at him, then looked away while she and the boy talked. "Hi? I guess." Laeril stated. The boy laughed and responded. "Sorry about running into you earlier." he said awkwardly. Laeril looked down, "Well next time we should watch where we are going." The boy looked at her, "Are you okay?" he said feeling concern. Laeril sighed and looked back at him. "I really don't know..." she said sadly. The boy went to say something but Laeril took her stuff and ran off crying before saying another word.

School was over and Laeril came from her first day. Her parents asked her: "How was school?" "I want to be home schooled."Laeril replied. Her parents were confused and asked: "What happen? Why would you want to be home schooled, dear?" Laeril sighed,"Nothing really, I just don't want to be with everyone else." Shaaria,her mother,came over and hugged Laeril. Shaar had said, "Well, if that's what you want we can do that for you." Shaaria spoked,"Are you really sure of this Laeril?" Laeril nodded her head and went to her room. She thought about the boy; he had black hair like hers but short with charming brown eyes. Laeril was confused at what she was feeling thinking about this boy. She put her stuff away, changed her clothes and got ready for bed.

After that day she was home schooled like she wanted and she finish her education this way. Although she never saw that boy again, or so she thought...

It was the day when her parents were recruiting knights to protect the family and their home. Laeril washed herself,dressed appropriately and had done her hair.When she was done with all that, the maids had carefully placed her tiara on her head and escorted her to the throne room. Laeril saw her chair next to her mother and sat down gracefully, her father ordered his current knights to open the doors and let the newcomers in. The doors opened filed in, once they were all in, the doors closed. The bunch of men had came up to where the Barastls' sat and knelt before them.

Laeril looked at them while her father explained things. She was uneasy in her seat but acted normal for she saw that boy again but yet he grew to be even more dreamy. When her father was done talking the men one by one proved themselves to be honorable knights.

Laeril was rather bored but still watched carefully. The man that caught her eye then had came up, Laeril quickly went upright in her seat and watched
him. She was amazed at what he could do and whispered to her mother,"He really should be our knight." Her mother giggled and replied, "If you say so,I'll make sure he's on the list." Laeril smiled and looked back at him, then saw his eyes met hers. She quickly looked away and covered her face from showing her blushing. When she regained herself for the moment,she looked around and noticed he was no longer there. She sighed and watched the rest out of boredom.

After it became nighttime the doors closed and Laeril was carried off to bed, because she had fallen asleep in all her boredom. King Shaar, carefully placed Laeril in her bed and kissed her on the forehead. Queen Shaaria, took Laeril's tiara off and put it away,then kissed her on the forehead. Laeril's parents then walked out of the room and closed the door behind them.

Moments later it had struck midnight and Laeril head what sounded like pebbles hitting her window. She slowly got out of bed and wrapped a coat around her and looked out her window. Laeril freaked for it was the man she had looked at before. She thought to herself,"What is he doing here?" Laeril opened her window and question," What are you doing here?" The man laughed and replied, "I saw you look at me earlier, I have a feeling I seen you before." Laeril stood there shocked and thought,"He really is the boy I ran into before." Laeril relaxed and said back,"I feel I've seen you before as well." as she smiled. He smiled and replied back,"So, what is your name,milady?" Laeril blushed and said, "Laeril Barastl,what is yours?"
The man thought for a moment, then said," You'll know soon enough,Laeril." He winked and went home. Laeril closed her window and took her coat off and set it aside. She blushed and went back to sleep until the next day came along.

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