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!!!THE PRAYER!!! ~! 祈り !~
x~!Chapter 1 >> Baka!~x

Nanashi walked down the long hallway of his home, the darkness the house provided was more then welcomed seeing as he wasn't a fan of the morning sun this early in the morning. Slaves that lived in the household were busy with their work, giving a bow as he walked by before continuing with their work. He arrived in the dining room, where a variety of breakfast items were cooked for him to enjoy. But Nanashi didn't really feel all that hungry. He looked to the food with disgust, his stomach churning. For a moment he thought he was going to vomit but the feeling quickly passed. He settled on a red apple, taking a few bites out of it before tossing the rest off to the side. A slave was quick to clean up the mess. But it wasn't the slave he wanted, nor cared to be in his presence. He fixed the slave with a cold glare "Where is Sokomato?" he asked in a dark tone, though it sounded more like a demand. The slave who he spoke to trembled as he replied. "I-i do-don't know s-sir." the stuttering only annoyed Nanashi demanded in cold, almost silent tone "Then go get him. The slave quickly left the masters presence in search for the slave that he always asked for when in a bad mood...or anytime for that matter.

Sokomato was just waking up when a fellow slave had unexpectantly barged into his quarters. He was vehement frantic when it came to seclusion. "P-Prince S-Sokomato Master Nanashi would like to see you." He collapsed into his pillow almost declining the invite to his "Master". He blushed due to last night as he caressed the spot where he laid last night. He jolted sitting up running at the slave past the threshold of the door. Punching him explosively firm and mighty. He blacked out and landed onto the floor. A sharp pain in the a**l entry of Sokomato rang with discomfort. He blushed scratching his neck lightly and grasping onto the leg of an debilitate slave he just assaulted. He blushed with an expressionless look on his face and let his hair down. Blonde and beautiful Master always said he was dragging the slave to Nanashi. His hair blowing slightly almost bouncing from his slim figure. At 5'8 Sokomato threw the 6'5 slave into the living room area as he entered the kitchen. Coming out with tea and a bagel and newspaper under arm his kissed Nanashi's cheek and sat at the dinning room table. "Good morning. How are you?"

Nanashi, who was still in the kitchen leaning against the table, looked up as Sokomato entered the room. His gaze turned hungry as he looked at his favorite slave. Yet there was a softness there that one would normally not see from him. His eyes closed as the other boy kissed his cheek, inhaling the boys scent as the wind of his movement pushed it to him. He let out a soft almost silent sigh as he went to go sit down. To others around him he still appeared to be angry and unapproachable but Sokomato knew he was safe. He replied with a grunt, grabbing a small glass filled halfway with red wine and took a sip. He wasn't exactly a morning person but he tried to seem nicer when the boy was around. He was the only one Natashi really cared for...if you could called it caring. His thoughts drifted to the night before and a proud smirk came to his lips as he raised the glass for another sip. "How is your...." he didn't finish his sentence as he took his sip, the glimmer in his dark gaze teasing the other boy.

"Don't you fuc-..." He sighs calming himself down. He giggles and gets up leaving the cartoon section of his newspaper open. He picks up his tea and gets an idea of what to say to him. Sokomato walks to his Master and licks his neck grinning and the slides a finger down the length of his chest and abdomen. "Hmph I wouldn't be talking baby. Especially since you came rather fast when I gave you your little.." He looks at his Master's eyes scrolling his fingers down his bulge. He pokes his member gentle. ".....Present..." He sips the tea in his left had and walks away quickly knowing he angered him slightly. He sipped tea still giggling somewhat as his blush is apparent almost glowing as the blood vessels rush to his cheeks. His freckles like stars within the red sky of his cheeks and nose. He bends over to open the refrigerator doors grabbing at the orange juice and his personal vodka segregated from other lesser slave's beverages. He scratched his head and a bit of hair fell to the fore front of face.
"Nashi-Pooh!!!...Where is the butter!?!?" His blonde hair still in his face but he then brushes his hair behind his ears. He bites his finger and pulls his t-shirt rover his midnight dark panties. He looks clueless and grabs what he can find as of now uncovering the butter and puts it on his bagel hastily. As he bites into the bagel he smiles widely. He is pleased and starts to pour the vodka into a stein master bought him at a place humans call "Medieval Times." even thought it was nothing like the time period Sokomato lived in but all he cared about these days were drinks and fun. He had been so distracted he wasted a bit of orange juice but no matter he told the nearest slave to clean it up with a scold colder than the pure ice of the tundra. "Y-Yes Prince Soko..." Sokomato smiled as the slaved cleaned with his nose to the floor. He smirked and drank his beverage as he got on his tippy toes and grabbed his Mp3 from the counter top and played The Bleach Opening 1 - Asterisk his favorite song. He put his arms above his head and started to dance around the house mouthing out the words to the song. "Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" He bit his lip shaking his hair with passion as he came close to his Master. He smirked and dropped down somewhat shaking his hips and then giggled as he blushed due to his exposed panties. He walk playfully to his Master and danced on him. He bent over sexually and winked taking on of his earphones out with his hand encased in his long sleeves of his Master's business shirt. He comes back up and presses against his master completly feeling the outline of his member. "What do you have planned for today Nashi-Pooh?"

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