Devil Never Cry

Dante had went to the Demon Realm to kill Mundus, after killing Mundus with his own hands the gate between the Demon Realm and Earth broke open causing the demons to ravage Earth. The Gods opened the gates to Heaven and sent their army down to Earth in order to send the Demons back. Dante returned to earth on the same motorcycle he left on, pulling up to his office Lucia walked out to greet him they killed many Demons together before unofficially getting married. They had a kid and in her time out from being pregnant Nero helped Dante with the over population of Demons. Soon the Gods found out the truth of how the gates opened and held Dante responsible and sentenced him to death. Lucia took revenge for her fallen lover and killed the God King, but was killed in the process by the Gods. Nero raised their child Marik. Marik left home at 18 to follow in his father and Mother's footsteps. Marik now 21 seen Nero die, upon death Nero entrusted the sword Yamato to Marik. The only way to close the gates again is to seal they with the power of Yamato, and the only people able to use Yamato are those that have the blood of Sparda. Marik has now started and organization set to kill all the Demons and Angels on Earth and seal the gates shut. With many powerful adversaries Marik must enlist some strong allies to help him along the way. What side will you take?

The world has been taken over as a battle ground for Angels and Demons. It has been seven generations of life since the battle began, and it is still going on stronger than ever. People have been born into a world of chaos, and have been raised killing Demons and Angels alike. Demons and Angels have both breed with humans causing cross breeds, as well as a few Demons and Angels breeding together causing a very rare breed of species. The winners of the war will decide the Earth's fate, either way Earth is doomed if the humans are not the victor of the war. Demons are all lower-class warriors as well as Angels, they are each controlled by Devils and Gods. Devils are ranked among the strongest Demons, only Demons who have devoured enough souls will ever reach the rank of a Devil. Gods are ranked among the strongest Angels, only an Angel who has sent enough Demons back to hell or tortured souls for that matter as well as brought enough souls up to Heaven will ever reach the rank of a God. The leader of the Devils is still open, and the leader of the Gods is still open as well.

Son of Dante and Lucia, Dante defeated Mundus in the underworld only for the gate to be unsealed releasing Demons and Devils to the Earth, which then led to the Gods unsealing the gates of Heaven to take out the Demons. This era is now known as the Apocalyptic Era. Dante returned to Earth only to see it in chaos, he killed many Demons only to return to his office to see Lucia coming out of the front door. Dante and Lucia fought together for some time before they decided to take their relationship to a higher level. As she got pregnant Dante had no help at the shop that was until Nero showed up demanding answers on how this all happened. Dante explained and Nero began helping Dante in Lucia's absence, soon the battlefield became more deadly as the Gods seen Dante as the sole reason for the Apocalypse. Dante and Nero now not only had to fight Devils but now Gods as well. Dante was captured by the Gods and sentenced to death, Lucia wanted revenge after Marik was born. Lucia entered Heaven killing the God King, only to be killed by the Gods as well. Nero raised Marik, told him of the stories about his fathers adventures and his mothers bravery. When Marik turned 18 he left and killed demons with his own weapons a sub-machine gun (Mary) and a great sword (Vergin). Nero passed away when Marik turned 21 and gave Marik the sword Yamato as his passing gift keeping the sword in the family. Marik then was able to use his Devil Trigger, which was a full embodiment of a Devil much like Dante's and Vergil's. He has been shown controlling lightning to kill Devil's and God's. He has taken a almost dark demeanor resembling Vergil in looks and attitude, but has a cocky side showing his fathers attitude as well. Marik has been seen as a threat by all Devils and Gods.