So, it's not literally storming outside... but I have a huge storm brewing in my life. Not only did my hours at work get cut, I was informed that I was no longer receiving any more monetary assistance including the gas reimbursement check. I was expecting the cut in that, but not in hours. So that is a total of $676 less a month. PLUS, I am now going to have to pay an extra $46 a month in rent. So the financial storm is pouring down on me in droves. I had a mini break down today. But my best friend reminded me that I had just given my life back to God, to follow Jesus, so satan is doing everything in his power to make me feel inadequate, hopeless and alone. I am reminding myself to SHOUT and rebuke him, to Fully Rely On God (froggin it baby!) and to have peace in this storm of my life. I am PRAISING Him.

There is another reason I titled this the way I did. Not only am I being changed, seeds are being planted in my son. I have KLove Christian radio station playing in my house at all times. I caught my son (unbeknownst to him) singing that song when it came on the radio! So I am going to praise Him even more! As we go into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am reminded to be thankful for all the blessings that have been laid upon my life this past year and a half. I left an abusive situation, struggled to get back on my feet after fleeing from a crazy stalker of an ex. I now have a car, an apartment, a job and my relationship with my son, even if at times it is tumultuous, is only getting better!

So I am thankful that He always provides. Even in the middle of this storm, I am praising Him and giving thanks! I know He clothes the lilies of the field and feeds the birds of the air, and He loves me more than them, so I WILL BE OK! I am thankful I have such a loving Father.