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Kids team part 5
The next day came, where the tournament have started. The three wondered why no one called them to tell them when they'll get, Chris' phone rang.
Chris: Hello?
Shermie: Oh, hi. Chris, they said that the three of you will just reach the finals without fighting, today.
Chris: How did you know?
Shermie: In the commercial.
Chris: Oh, okay, bye.
After closing the call, he went to inform the rest about it. After few hours, the car came to take them to the special boss stage...Omega Rugal.
The kids waited for the boss to come, finding out that Rugal is still alive. A shadow appeared in the dark side of the stage, with a strong aura surrounding the body of the mysterious shadow. Omega Rugal, appeared in front of them with an evil smile and laughed to Chris.
Rugal: I've been waiting to fight you! Chris!
Chris: Rugal!
Rugal: Heheheheheh, when I'll defeat you, the Orochi power will be mine!
Chris stood in his fighting stance to fight Rugal. When they started fighting, instead of Rugal using his normal attacks, he used the power of Orochi to advance defeating Chris, while Chris is trying to defend and counter attack Rugal, without slowing down. Chris received many hits from Rugal and was about to lose, before Rugal use his one last move, he walked towards Chris, looking at him in madness.
Rugal: You're Orochi herald, but I don't see anything special about you! Hahahahaha!
Slowly, Chris stood up, recovering himself.
Chris: One last thing....my flames!
Ignited his dark flames and attacked Rugal in madness, at the end he lowered himself to do one last move, incarnate Orochi.
Chris: I'm transforming!
His body started to change into Orochi, and attacked Rugal. After Rugal got knocked out, he came back to his normal body.
Chris: No! That was close enough!
Kula: But you defeated Rugal..
Chris: No, I was talking about another thing.
Kula: What was it?
Chris: You don't have to know.
The place started to shake and rumbled.
Bao: Uh oh! We need to run!
They noticed that the place started to destroy its self, they escaped from the place and arrived at a safe place, encountering the host of the tournament.
Host: Congratulations! Here's your reward.
The three opened the bag in excitement, expecting something good for them, but finding a bunch of lollipops.
Chris: Is that all?!
Host: Err, that's what they gave me for your prize
Chris: We did all of that, and our reward is a bunch of sweets?!
He got angry and lifted himself up to grab the shirt of the host.
Chris: Listen! I didn't come here to get this!
Host: Uh, okay one minute.
The host called the manger of the tournament to send the prize money, a helicopter came, dropping the bag.
Host: Is that enough?
Chris: Yes.
Kula: When will go home?
Host: Now.

To be continued

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