I dreamt I landed in small town right next to a lot of rail road tracks. They were holding some sort of special festival. A lot of rides everywhere. My parents and I were there as well as my sister.

We were staying at this strange inn. The inn keepers had 2 sons, one lost, and the other an abomination (Half goat, half human). He talked very little but always seemed a bit uneasy with himself and saying much. So I ended up exploring the town a bit. It made me uneasy, there was a festival, but no people really there. I ended up walking around certain areas I probably wasn't supposed to see.

There were a lot of people who looked disabled and those who looked maimed kept in cages. Pit bulls kept in cages as well near them. I saw a lot of thickets that looked good for escaping, but on closer inspection it looked like there were hungry dogs in there.

I told my mom and the people at the inn I was going to the dentist because I needed to check my teeth. They all just nodded as I left something sinister lingered in that room though. They said they'd keep the door unlocked (I felt that was a lie*) and to hurry home as they would need to lock it soon. They also asked if I was going a direct route of which I said yes to. I think they knew that I knew something was up.
My sister was supposed to come with but went missing before I could get away from the tour they took us both on. I think there was a guy who liked me greatly and that's why I was able to see everything in the town for what it was, he was able to show the real truth to the town. I walked along the road only to find it lead to the dangerous thickets. I had to go another way, but I couldn't think of any good routes.

After thinking I tried following the railroad tracks. I had to be careful as there were a lot of trains coming in and out of the town, I didn't want to be spotted by the wrong people and get dragged back. But luckily for me the tracks had ditches along side them, I just had to make sure to duck here and there or I might have become headless.

The goat child had an interview at the same time so I only saw portions of each. They were asking him how well he could talk and etcetera but he didn't really want to bring attention to himself. He stayed quiet for most of the interview. But they tried to get him to talk more by pulling his teeth out- the more questions he stayed quiet on, the more teeth got pulled.

I walked quietly along the railroad tracks seeing a few participants in the festival. Many of them didn't seem real (I'm actually thinking it was the dead from people luring them into town*). I didn't really interact to make sure I didn't get caught.