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The shiz in my life, my diary c:
Welcome to the shiz of my shiz :D Please enjoy my shitzues!
The Day I Cried of Happiness
I entered my study hall, anxious about a few things. I went to my seat, slammed my books down, and ran to sit by the intercom. I was waiting for a TAP (Travel Abroad Program) announcement. Recently, I was told that all applicants are to be called to the cafeteria/commons to know if they were accepted or not.
Now what tin the world is TAP?
It's an after school club that multiple teachers at my Intermediate school run. Every year they make an assembly to announce it for a 9th grader like me to join. They bring a whole group of kids to travel to a foreign country after a year and a half learning about that country. In 2014, they're visiting Eastern Europe. They have students from my grade apply online for it. You need 4 recommendation letters along with 2 typed essays. I finished my application about a week ago, and now all the applicants wait for the announcement that calls their name to come on down to the commons.
Dorothy came in the room and stood above me, "I was LOOKING for you!" She snapped in a friendly way.
"Well I just HAD to get here early," I replied, "I want to see if I get accepted!"
I heard a boop, and it wasn't TAP. Dorothy sat down in an art stool and I followed her. The art room was our study hall. Another announcement came on and so I jumped out of my stool and listened. Not TAP. I sat back down gloomily.
Finally the announcement I was looking for came on. I jumped by the intercom and waited for my name to be called.
"These students must come into the commons.. Lilly P., Mariah A., Sam B., Jacob W., Skylar D., Jared M... Etc.. Etc.."
Finally my name was called. They called it. "Brianna.." I jumped up and down and smiled at Dorothy as i ran out the door. My friend Sam came along, which made me even happier. We started walking down the main hallway and to the commons/cafeteria. Excitement filled me as I saw Mr. C. He was the leader of TAP -- the one to tell us if we were accepted or not.
And we were. he told us that out of 70 applicants, we were the 30-40 who made it. Us. WE were going to travel to Eastern Europe, including me. He gave us a speech, and, at the end, when he asked 'any questions' nobody but one raised their hand. It was a kid named Jacob.
The bell to dismiss us rang. I walked with Sam back to studyhall, and left before her because I was in a rush. I found Caitlin walking in the main hall on my way to my locker and I ran up to her at full speed with my books in my arms.
"CAITLIN!" I yelled as she turned around, "CAITLIN GUESS WHAT!!"
"What?!" Caitlin exclaimed happily.
"I...!" I sniffled as tears just poured out of my eyes and I smiled, "I've been.. Accepted.. I'm accepted into TAP!"
She smiled, "Congratulations!"
I started crying even more, I was so happy. Dorothy found us and came by. She asked why I was crying and I said because I got accepted. She, too, was happy for me.
"Brianna! Brianna!!' Caitlin exclaimed, "Look! LOOK! Jake is coming by!!"
I looked slightly, "I don't give a f* about Jake M.!" I said, still sniffling and laughing. He suddenly pointed to me as Dorothy, Caitlin, and I were walking off. He said something but I couldn't hear him, so all I screamed was perfect hair and ran off to my locker with Caitlin and Dorothy.
. . .
I reached my bus, and Taylor was already in our seat. I started crying once more and told her what happened.
"Did you see Ninja by the way?" She asked with a grin.
Ninja was a code name for a guy we met at the park. He was pretty 'smexi' as we describe it and he's one grade above us.
"Nah, I was too busy crying~" I said in a funny way.
My stop came by and I got off the bus. I ran to my block and my mom was waiting there. She hugged me and said she was very proud. I was proud of myself too, actually. I asked her if I could run to Taylor's home quickly and then come back. She agreed, and as soon as I could I ran across the neighbors' lawns and found Taylor's home.
I knocked on the door, and when she opened it I quickly pulled her out.
"On three.." I said, "We're going to scream 'Chris Miller'." This was the name of Ninja.
We both screamed it when I said three, and ran into her house as if we were penguins avoiding a sea lion. I went home after a few minutes and greeted my mom once more. I ran outside as soon as I hear my sister's bus and hugged her in front of other high schoolers and told her my good TAP news.
I got inside and started to calm down. I reviewed everything in my head:
1. I suddenly started to like 'M', and I don't know how. Caitlin is happy though, but I told her he's all hers.
2. I got accepted into TAP.
3. Ninja might figure out it was me and Taylor that called his name -- we can make excuses.
4. This all happened on a MONDAY! Who said Mondays are horrible?

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