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As long as Chelsy could remember she had always been praised and spoiled by her family, family's friends, and just anyone that would see her. She was a beautiful sight from birth and as she grew up she only got more beautiful. Sometimes the attention she would get weren't beneficial since many of the other children, especially girls her age, would bully her.

Chelsy; Age 10.

"Aah!" Chelsy cried out as she was pushed on to the playground floor. She whimpered and she started to tear up and looked up to another girl, a bear girl, along with other girls behind her. "You really think of yourself so much don't you. Trying to win the spotlight and get everything your way," She glared down and smirked devilishly. "I've never thought that. I'm just me. I don't understand why you always have to pick on me Patricia," Chelsy sniffled, and winced slightly as she noticed she got a scrape on her knee. "Don't call me that! The name is Patty! PATTY! And don't you forget it you little worm!" She growled as she was about to reach forward to grab her only for someone else to grab Patt's hand with a tight grip. "What the? Who?!" She looked up and slowly coward to see strong eyes looking down at her. It was boy. "H-Hey...l-let go you creep!" Patty shouted and was about to attack with her other hand, but he didn't give her the time as he roughly shoved her back with her group of friends. "Aaah!" They all screamed and he gave a warning growl making all of them scatter in fear. Once they were gone he turned back to Chelsy with a more softer expression. He mouth something, 'Its ok. Everything will be all right,' The sun shined brightly over him making her squint her eyes and then black.

Chelsy gasped as she woke up from a dream. She sat up on her bed and looked around to see she was in her room. She sighed as she realized it was only a dream. She pouted, but then smiled, "I haven't had that dream in a long time. I wonder what's he's up too these days." She questioned softly thinking of her childhood friend from years ago.

She got up and started to get ready for her day. She looked out her window and took in the fresh air. "Oh wonderful! Fresh snow!" She smiled happily. You see her family owned several Spa House Inns, and she lived on the very first one built. And not just that, it's also high up a snowy mountain. Which, makes their Inn the most popular, so it gets quite busy.

*ring ring* Chelsy picks up the Inn phone. "Hello? Yes mom. Getting ready...huh? Yeah okay. I'll get that started. Also I think there was a complaint on Room 3, so have that check while I'm busy taking care of the kitchen. Okay. See you around mom," She hung up and looked at herself one last time as she wore her attire for work. Of course looking as beautiful as ever. Then the dream came to mind again, "Why am I thinking of that day. I wonder...how long has it been since he left? Six years...oh! I better get going!" She grabbed her phone and keys and headed out to the kitchen, for the morning routine check up. His family had to make a decision to leave for a business opportunity and so he had no choice but to follow his parent's. He mouth to her as he waved good bye to her, 'It's ok. Everything will be all right...' and since then she used his words as motivation to move forward and not let anything put her down. This time she would be the one to fight back, and she did. She was still the sweetest and most kindness soul, but you crossed the line with her and she would put you in your place. And she had him to thank for that.

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