He started it as a joke

Just rubbing against my backside to taunt me

And then I felt the change in him

Pulling my hips closer to his

Burying his face in my neck

Hardness brushed against my a**

It wasn’t a game anymore

“Why don’t you just take off your pants…” he purred

Pushing more firmly onto his d**k I turned and replied

“I thought you didn’t wanna do anything,”

He groaned and panted heavily into my ear

Rubbing against me more aggressively

“Baby please…” and he started pulling down my jeans

I ‘tsked’ him and pulled them back up

But then he gripped my hand and wrapped it around his hard d**k

Turning onto my back I stared defiantly into his eyes

He growled at me, and yanked on my pants

“You better turn that a** back over” he ordered

His voice was more dangerous than ever

Excitement heated my blood as I only smiled teasingly

Breathing heavily, he pulled my pants down and pinned my hands

Pressing his whole body on top of me

Burying his face in my neck

Pinning me down and growling

He ground his d**k onto my c**t

Biting my neck aggressively

Pain and pleasure exploded inside me

My breath coming in short bursts

As I gripped his arms and raised my hips to his

No words escaped me other than the breathless “oh,”

He whispered things into my ear

Wicked things that set me on fire

His bite pulling at my neck

I had never felt so claimed and dominated

For once I felt submissive

My hips bucked uncontrollably

And inside I was shaking, begging for him to just slide in

To take me and fill me

“Turn around,” he growled “and bend over”

I could only manage to shake my head

So he bit me…hard

And fell to my side,

Pushing me so that my a** pressed against him

Noises kept escaping me

Pleading and ecstatic noises

Desire was burning me up

“I’m going to take you” he purred

And the goddess within me snarled

She was not going to sit back and let him be alpha

So I tried reaching around and pushing him back

But he growled and pinned my arms down

“I want you, you are mine, and I will have you,”

Seductively, his teeth pulled my ear

In a very claiming way

As his fingers ghosted down to my c**t and teased

Little mewls filled my throat

My hips grinding onto his d**k imploringly


“No,” he hissed “you’re not telling me what to do

You are mine and I’ll do what I want to you”

A moan escaped me as his fingers came so close to rubbing my lips

And lust was practically melting me

“If you want me to touch you so bad

Why don’t you just touch yourself?”

I bit my lip as he rubbed against my backside

My hand instantly in my panties and working my c**t

Baring my neck to my mate I rubbed myself hard

Knowing he loved watching me bring my body to pleasure

My moans grew in volume a my hips rocked from my hand to his d**k

Then suddenly his fingers were moving mine aside

“Only I’m allowed to do that to you,” he snarled

And his fingers viciously rubbed my c**t

Sliding inside me and pounding a nerve

I cried out and rocked my hips into his hand

Pleasure always came with the pain

“Oh, baby please…” I groaned as his hand moved away

“No,” he murmured “I want to come on you,”

As he rubbed himself I tried pulling up my pants

But with another growl he slammed my hands onto the bed

“No,” he barked, biting my ear “you are mine and you are not hiding yourself”

When he pulled away to rub himself again

My hands were pulling up my pants again

Yet he was losing patience

With one hand he held both of mine

And parted my thighs with the other

Sliding his hard d**k against my wet and aching lips

He held my hands in a bruising grip rocking his hips

And his other hand slipped down to my panties

Suddenly he was desperate to have me come

Pinching and rubbing and grinding and biting

Pleasure filled me and heated me and stretched me

I was being claimed and acting submissive

My mate was definitely sexier

When he was feeling aggressive