I’m playing hard to get again

It’s all in instinct; I can’t help it

He reaches for me and I back away

His hands massage my thigh and I curl myself into a ball

Desire’s perfume is strong


Yet I’m playing this temptress’ game

His fingers pinch my nipple through my bra

And my throat tightens around the moan

My lover is frustrated at my lack of outward reaction

So he rubs his thumb over my clit through my jeans

And I can’t resist my hips bucking to meet the caress

I want this so bad

My body is swaying to this carnal rhythm

But something is holding me back

A fear pounding in my racing blood

Yet my lover is very persistent

His want is obvious

Yet we laugh and play

Him trying to pin me

And he’s surprised at my strength when I resist

The sad part is

I’m not even trying to resist that much

It’s just this game I’m playing

And then my phone rings

When I look, my mate has texted me ‘I love you’

Guilt thrums in my chest for only a moment

By then my lover has seen the text as well

He lunges for it, a playful smile bearing his teeth

Pulling it out of my reach

With a playful growl I pounce on him

He’s pinned to the couch

Then I’m reaching over him trying to get the phone

And then I feel him trap my leg that’s over his hip against the couch

I try pulling back but it’s no use

My lover is pinned, but I am trapped

There are worse ways to be trapped I’m sure

I was sitting on the lap of my lover

One of my favorite positions with my mate

But at least my clothes were still on

And my lover flashes me a grin

His hips buck under me

That’s when I realize his hardness pressed into me most intimately

When I try pulling away he lifts his knees to hold me still

“Still trying to play, huh?” he asks

I bite my lip, unsure how to respond

But I don’t have to, he just lifts his hips to mine again

All I want is to rid myself of my jeans

And rub myself against him

If for nothing else but to tease him

Even though I know its cause I want to feel him there

With a laugh I try to play off my nervousness

“What good does this position do you?”

But he gives me a look full of desire

“It feels good…like we’re making love but…”

His gaze falls to the button of my jeans

“I wish you would take them off…”

Lust runs its white hot claws down my back and I shiver

“No.” I growl

My lover looks at me imploringly, his hips rocking against me

Oh, why could I never just give in?

His hips thrust up and pleasure bursts inside me and I’m so wet

I bite my lip and grip onto his strong, thick arms

The hardness beneath his jeans is rubbing against my clit

“Just…just take off your shirt…” he begs

My body is swaying, and I can finally feel myself give in

In an instant my shirt is off, revealing my lacy blue bra to him

He licks his lips and I know he likes the way it looks on me

“Damn that’s a good pose,” he growls

And I can’t help the laugh that escapes me

His hands grip my ass, pulling my hips against his

Then they move up to my breasts

Pulling the bra aside so that my breasts are in his view

I pull away, and curse myself for still playing around

He sits up and growls “Stop moving”

Baring my teeth I start to stand up, and his leg has relaxed

A whimper escapes his throat and he tries to pull me to him

But then he pushes me and pins me on my back

And I realize his fingers have already rid me of my bra

I yelp and try to cover my bare pale breasts

My lover makes a face at me

“Baby I want to see them

They look so…delicious…”

Another shiver crashes down my back

As I imagine his hot mouth on my skin

So I remove my arms and his eyes fall to my nipples

And he lunges for them, desire so hot in his eyes

But my hands come to his shoulders and pushing him back

And again the thickness of the muscles in his arms and shoulders

Makes me practically purr and writhe under him

“You…you can’t just show them and not expect me to…”

I shake my head; unable to really tell him no when I want it so bad

“It’s like showing a starving man a really good buffet…

Then telling him not to eat it!”

My blood heats up at the thought of being compared to something

That he wants in his hot mouth

My arms shake, and he dives in

I can’t take saying no anymore

And his lips trail over my breasts

His hands grip my thighs and spread them

So that he can press his hard dick into my clit

Tossing my head back I dig my nails into his arms

Biting my lip to trap the moan

That’s when my lover starts to devour my breast

Pleasure tightens every nerve

Little noises are escaping me

Encouraging every little touch

Every little bite and nip and tweak

And though I’m not his

He’s not mine

I’m enjoying my time with him

Oh, but my mate will sense it

Will sense my distance

My mate will definitely be an enthusiastic lover

Once he smells my lover’s mouth on my skin