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OC's & Stories All the information for my role playing or sharing my latest chapters in my story I've been creating.

Eriale Maru
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Sacred Rose OC's
I have many different characters in my story called "Sacred Rose", this story is based off of things I've watched and seen in anime shows like Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, etc. However, this is slightly different in how the characters are based on myself and others I've know through life. The main characters are Laeril Barastl, Zulma, Shawn Alazar, and 5 companions of Laeril's. There is an evil master behind the works of the emerald void and in the darkness of the night/shadows, he is named Cody Emerald. This story begins with Laeril Barastl's birth and storyline before everyone else is included onto this journey/role she must fullfill. In this story they become Gemstone Warriors you could say, Laeril Barastl in specific takes the lead role as Amethyst Serenitys and thus goes to seek out her companions to duel them and prove herself worthy. As you read through the story you'll learn much more of the situation and just how these characters interact,etc. However, if you like to read my story please check the previous journal entries with the title to it. I'll post my OC's later on.

Laeril Barastl the Princess
Name: Laeril Anabell Barastl
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color/Style: Black/Long Hair
Height: 5'6
Gemstone Warrior: Amethyst Serenitys [Leader]
Birthday: Unknown
Personality: Very shy, friendly, loving and caring. She does become frustrated and knows how to reply back to others pretty well. (If you ever read the story you'll understand more of it)
Bio:Born in the city called Scarlet Roses, her parents Shaar and Shaaria Barastl were King and Queen of this land and did what they could for their little daughter. She did go to a public school called Areril High School;however she demanded to be home schooled, and so she was. By the time she became of age to leave the home, her parents were recruiting knights to protect their land from what they knew were coming. Laeril finds a man in particular that catches her eye because she ran into him when she to the public school. This is how they meet again later on from their last time seeing.
Amethyst Serenitys: Laeril's Transformation
Transformation Call: "Amethyst Serenitys Makeup!"
Eye Color: Amethyst
Hair Color/Style: Black/ Long Hair turns into a Long Braid
Outfit: This is described in the story as the following: 'Laeril on the other hand, had a flowy short black dress with purple outlining it, purple heels with onyx at the edges and amethyst jewelry. She also had black fingerless gloves with purple stars on them, with her black hair in a long braid and her eyes turned amethyst.' She also has a tiara on and make up that matches with the rest of the outfit.
Weapon: Onyx and amethyst wand with a star on top
Weapon Skill: She only has one at the moment and it's called Amethyst Rays, this sends a stream of amethyst to her target. This also is in a radius of 3 Rays and it's blast from building up the power in her wand. As for any other skills it is still unknown.
Kevin Night the Knight
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: Black/Short
Age:19 (About the same as Laeril)
Bio: (There's not too much to say) Kevin is Laeril's lover for a good few chapters until he is wounded protecting her. He's really sweet and always there for Laeril. He becomes the Onyx Knight to protect Laeril and his transformation charm is a onyx encrusted blade. (I haven't quite explained his call or anything more than this so sorry! I'm only on chapter 7 where this would apply and haven't done much more to explain it,etc.)
Shawn Alazar the Golden Knight/General
(Nothing of his appearances yet)
Bio: He's a knight and general of the Barastl's, he brings news of what happened to Laeril's parents and thus lives out his duty to protect Laeril with the others. His specialty is that he becomes a golden knight to fight off the darkness with his radiating glow and powerful sword. The sword has a name but is yet to be discovered; him and Zulma the goddess seem to rather close but only friends. (That's about as much as I can do, sorry guys that it's not much right now. But I hope you'll ask to read the story and all so you understand it more. DX)

Laeril's 5 Companions, Zulma the Goddess, and Extras


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