I'm hoping beyond hope to get a really good, at least decent, 8 GB MP3 player for X-Mass this year and I've decided to compile a sort of soundtrack to my life in preparation. Yeah, I know I'm totally on the cutting edge of innovative ideas, huh? But I've done this before at various points in my life and its just interesting to see how things or at least your point of view on things can change over time! We go through experiences we never thought of and come out with a view point we never even considered before! Oh, the glory and wonders of life! Haha, and I mean that sincerely even though it did sound a little sardonic.

Life can suck. Bottomline.

It is a hardship, it is a journey to something we sometimes don't know what we're traveling towards, or looking for! And there's no guarantee once you get there you'll find what you want or that you'll even ever get there! It all comes back to Hope and Faith. In yourself. In a higher power. Whatever you choose but you should have a choice! Nobody, and I mean nobody (not parents, not lovers, not GOD/DESS HIM/HERSELF), should decide for you what you put your trust in. Believe in the Cadbury Bunny Messiah for all I care just understand that as your choice you will have endure scrutiny for it. But that scrutiny should be a small price to pay for deciding on your own what you have faith in. AGH! It all makes perfect sense. Yet written down like that it seems so... I don't know less attainable? Kind of silly because it is so simple? Its funny how things can take that turn: The simplicity of a situation is enough to drive you mad! Usually it is because everybody is too eager to over-complicate it they don't stop to think "hmm, no maybe it really IS that simple?"

But again, I am digressing. I do that alot when I just get on a roll.

I'm going to start from the end up (hehe always like saying it like that 4laugh )
Last track first in an album of.... oh, 20 tracks? That's a decent number of songs, right? I'm going to choose two songs and post their lyrical content and then gab about what the song means to me. Then I will decide between them and add that to my soundtrack. In the end I will compile Dagera's Unoriginal Live Action Soundtrack and have it for download on like 4shared or something... smile Maybe I'll make a playlist of the videos on youtube? I'll figure out the best way to share them with my buddies! ^_^ Just for the hell's of it. Gives me something to do and makes me feel important! We all need to feel important every now and then especially when we've just had a mild emotional breakdown. sweatdrop

Thanks for reading feel free to comment or PM me with any suggestions. Right now I'm in an empowering music mind frame! As opposed to angsty, cut yourself music (DGMW I LOVE cut yourself music! I was emo after all before it became the lamest trend ever, well next to Twi-hards who sincerely believe they are vampires *loserscoughlosers* ahem). But right now I am almost a year and a half sober so: inspiring but not too religious, power ballady but not too 80's hair band, something with attitude but not the dickhead "I'm gonna drink my life away and bang butterface bitches" attitude. Lol just something good maybe in the rock category but I am NOT THAT picky. I like all kinds of music but I love great lyrics! What can I say? Its the writer in me. wink