"Test subject number one hundred and twenty-seven, Kurayami Horuda. Today we will see what element one-nine-five will do to a full size human." A female voice said as it echoed inside a well insulated and brightly lit white room, yet there was only one body on there. A male, young teen, who was on top of a table, tubes, wires, and needles all around and in his body. They were all attached to machines that complemented the color of the room with their own color, blending in very well. The teen seemed to be under a comatose state for he didn't move at all, and seemed to of been sleeping even with all the needles and tubes that was under his skin. "We shall begin the test with just a twenty percent of the dosage and slowly work our way up. If the test subject survives this test, then element one-nine-five will be available to any other test subjects at our disposal." The female voice said in such a monotone voice, again filling up the room. A few electronic noises could be heard from the machines as well as pressure valves beginning to loosen up, and soon the clear wires became filled with a black substance.

As the liquid poured into the body, the scientist and other employees watched carefully for any signs of success or failure, or any signs at all of that matter. Today was marked for the day that the world would witness something completely brand new. The day that people's fears will be all in one body, Darkness. It was clear as time moved on that the substance wasn't doing anything to the body, nothing at all. Most of the employees in the room were already beginning to whisper about aborting this experiment and returning the boy back to his living quarters.

Unlike most laboratories where the human test subjects were placed in cages and fed poor meals like animals, these scientist wanted to make the people feel like they were at a second home for their time spent here. The entire lab is underground and well insulated to make living comfortable. It was like a big town, buildings everywhere, restaurants and stores and malls, apartments and houses, parks, public pools, and many other sites and places that were set up just so the people would enjoy their time here, before they were experimented on. The scientist tried their best to keep the people from not wanted to leave, but sometimes there was always a group that talked about escaping, though it was a bad thought to talk about this loudly for if any of the enforcers were to hear them, the person or people will be detained and not heard of again for the next seven weeks, in which it is said they are brainwashed into believing that everything they needed was within this dome.

As the experiment continued, the lady scientist got up from her chair and walked up the stairs to the back of the room where a single chair sat with someone on it, someone dressed in a black suit with a white shirt underneath it and black khaki pants with black shoes, as though he was some kind of business man. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and had a serious demeanor on his face as though he was still expecting something to happen and not ready to give up on this boy.

"Sir." The lady began to speak, catching the man's attention. "May we stop this process and allow the boy's body to rest for now? It's been fifteen minutes now and he's not showing any signs. If we continue..." The lady said, but stopped when she saw the man raise his hand to stop her from speaking.

The man continue to sit there and looked straight down through the window where he was able to see the boy as the liquid was being injected into him. "There is no reason to be worried. This boy is special." He told the lady, his voice didn't completely fit how he was looking right now. He sounded to be one that was reasonable, kind, and playful. It confused people a lot when he seemed serious for he didn't sound nor most of the time seem to be the serious type at any time.

The lady began to look worried, this man wanted this test to continue possibly for selfish reasons and she didn't like that one bit. "Sir, the last time we tired to test on a subject with this element for a long period of time... I..." She tried to say, but began to shiver at the thought of the horrific fate to the last subject. "I don't want that to happen again." She said, voicing out her opinion quietly.

The man closed his eyes as he listened, sympathy was a strong suite of him, or so he made it seem to be. "I understand you're concern, Veritas, but you did read this boy's files, right?"

"Of course." She simply responded.

The man nodded to her and opened his eyes again. "Then you've seen what he's capable of. He doesn't easily give up for and on anything. It was a challenge just to get him in." He told her quietly, watching as the boy's finger began to twitch. "He is special, and a curious one. He will accept this as a gift, and even try and tame it to make it his." The man said, then a beeping noise that was very low and echoed through the nearly silent room began to fill with the noise at it got louder and faster. Veritas turned around and quickly decended down the stairs and back to her own seat, looking at the board that had three screens, one being a heart monitor, one being the brain scan, and the last being a body temperature/condition reading.

Veritas' eyes widen as the readings became very wild. His heart was beginning to beat in a very uncommon rate, beating faster for one second, then slower than normally the next, his body was showing signs of becoming colder and colder till it was reading signs of being as cold as ice, and his mind was shutting down, one lobe to the next. The liquid had finally shown itself taking affect in the boy, and it was killing him quickly now. It was unclear if the boy's body was rejecting the liquid or if it was just straight disabling everything within his body. Everyone within tried their best to change the flow of the liquid, but it seemed as though it wouldn't stop nor reverse, as if it had a mind of it's own. "The subject can't survive this experiment!" One of the scientist said in a panic. Everyone in the room was now in a frenzy, everyone except for the man at the top, who still watched the boy in the white room as his body began to shake violently for a long ten seconds before finally it lied still once again, and a long, eerie, straight sound filled the room.

Everyone in the backroom now feel silent, the looks on their faces turned to sadness towards Kurayami. It now seemed so quiet now that they had lost yet another soul, even with the noise filling the room it seemed so quiet. Veritas finally took a deep breath and exhaled it, whipping her eyes once. Seeing someone die in front of her was always hard, even though in this line of work it happened so often. She picked up the microphone and headpiece set and put it back on, turning it on so that what she would say would be recorded. "Test subject, Kurayami Horuda, has deceased due to the element overpowering his body and shutting down every organ and muscle. Ending test... prep the morgue." With that, everyone in the room finally took their own breaths and some even got up to leave the room. It was a sad day indeed, not one they had hoped for.

Veritas sighed softly as she took the headphone off, whipping her eyes again of the tears. They didn't just lose another person, they lost such a kind boy, always trying to make others happy. Some of the employees found it to be rather ironic, for the type of element they were putting in him was completely different with his type of mood and characteristics.

Just as everyone began to get up and leave the room, beeping starting to fill the room again, slow and faint like a dying heartbeat, but it soon began to pick up. Veritas quickly looked back at the one sided window, looking at the dead body of the young boy that lied on the table. She noticed that the boy’s fingers began to twitch and a smile came across her face. “Cancel the last orders; the test subject is still alive. I repeat, Kurayami Horuda is still alive. He has survived the test. Element one-nine-five has proven non-lethal and will be stored for future testing.” She said as she clicked the intercom off and slouched back into her chair, relief filling her as the others gave a cheer more so for the boy’s survival. Today was as the director said it would be; filled with success.

Chapter 1: Eyes of the Dark Light

Later that day, as the boy was taken back to his home and the doctors and scientist were already back to work, the Director walked on down the mildly busy street that most people hung out at, meeting the others that were stuck in this confined structure, and yet not feeling alone anymore. The man himself loved seeing all the smiling faces, knowing that he was doing his job well to keeping them satisfied, even though they were away from their usual lives. The locals smiled and waved to him, knowing him all to well as Jericho.

It didn't take long before another person came running up to Jericho to catch his attention. The person was no other than Veritas.

((To be continued.))