Happy would-be Anniversary. Huzzah.
I'm sorry we didn't work out, Sarah. I'm sorry we couldn't even last a year.
I still love you, I doubt I'll ever stop.
I've given up on all hopes of getting back together, since you seem much happier with the relationship gone. Everyone's got an unrequited love. Guess you're mine.
I know I'll move on eventually, but it'll take a lot of time. I loved you more than anything, and now I'm giving that all up, so it's not something I can do any time soon, so bear with my awkwardness. It'll pass.
Though you shouldn't have a huge problem with it or anything, since I don't plan to get on much anymore. I only really stayed on Gaia after we broke up because I hoped we could work things out. You're happier without the relationship, and it's cruel for me to wish for something that'd only hurt you. So without the fear of getting back together or not, I can do what I always do after a bad break up. A few weeks (or maybe months) of seclusion, usually involving manga, anime, and lots of walks. That's what helped me before, and I'm hoping it'll help me now.

I love you, Sarah. I'm glad that you're doing better. I hope you find someone that can make you smile and laugh.