I saw my hospital room today!!!
It actually made me excited.
Should I feel bad.
The old people there are cool.
The teenagers, and kids are lame.
Mostly because all they do is complain about what they would do.
It's more annoying then depressing if you ask me.
Regardless it was fun.
My mom had me go for her birthday...
Weird request, but I did it anyway.
I got high off these pain killers.
My doctor gave me loads of new subscriptions.
I now take 13 pills a day.
Six in the morning, seven at night.
Oh, and I have to give myself a shot still every morning, and night.
For the most part my tourture dreams have kinda slowed.
I slept last night still, but it was dreamless.
Well there was like a bright ass light, but that was it.
I guess I shouldn't say they slowed if it's only been one night.
Though with all the sleep I feel better I guess.
As usual though the lines of reality, and my dreams are kinda bluring.
Since I'm being tortured though it's easy to tell when I'm hallucinating.
The shot is supposed to stop the hallucinations.
The date of my offical move is supposed to be sometime in Feburary.
Though we'll see what happens.
My new pills keep makin me sh*t.. lol....
Uhhh I got a pencil so I guess I should start writing again.
I finished Just After Sunset by Stephan King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was sooooo goood.
Lots of cool short stories of his I loved it.
I streched it out just to make it last longer.
Now that I finished it, I have no reading material.
Oh my nails are pink!
Nancy did it.....
I'm really sore....
Idk itme to start drinnkin I guess.