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The things that flew out of my head...

White Rider Pestilence
Community Member
Conversation among twins
Frost: /comes back into her room after walking a little around the house/ /and speaking to her father/ // Jack: /casually laying her bed/ /the room feels warmer/ // Frost: /closes the door and takes a quick look around her room/ ....Jackwhyareyouinmyroom? /worried he'll mess something up with his heat/ // Jack: /sits up/ I'm just.. Chillin'. /pun might be intended or what he meant/ // Frost: /slight eyebrow raise/ You did touch anything did you? // Jack: I'm touching the bed. Does that count? 'Cause I only touched the bed. // Frost: Oh okay. // Jack: And possibly squashed your spider. // Frost: You did what!? /takes some steps towards him/ // Lemon: /sitting on the dresser watching things in room/ /totes not squished/ /not moving much/ // Jack: I kid, I kid. /slight laugh/ // Frost: You better be.. /doesn't like her spiders being harmed/ // Jack: So what's up? It smells like someone burned a zombie. Thought that was my job. // Frost: Aha, yeah. I got a little bored with the blood I had sitting around. Erm, took out the boredom on the blood. // Jack: I wonder when it will go away. // Frost: Hm. // Jack: Aside from the blood scented room, which is in poor taste unless you a zombie apocalypse theme. That's an awesome idea too. Anything new? // Frost: New? Uh.. I have friend. And.. // Jack: Friend? Good to hear. /lets her go on/ // Frost: Maxwell's around. I... /feels bad for not hurting him more, wasn't told about his supposed death/ // Jack: Maxwell? Who? // Frost: The guy who asked May to marry him a year ago. Or uh her. Yeah, her. Remember that guy? // Jack: Ohhh! That b*****d. /heats up a little/ // Frost: /can feel the heat/ /not really complaining atm/ // Jack: /okay 'a little' is a lie with this hot head/ So where is he? // Frost: I lost track of him.. // Jack: You what!? /angry temper/ // Frost: Whoa, whoa, chill out. /holds her hands up/ I wasn't feeling up to keeping track of him...;;;; // Jack: Weren't feeling well? What if he's done somethin-- // Frost: Father said May was fine when I asked him. Simmer down. /they use the words of hot and cold rather lightly/ // Jack: Ah.. /chills a little/ I swear if I get my hands on him..! // Frost: Yeah, you don't need to tell me what you'll do. // Jack: /taking in deep breath, room is warmer now/

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