More recently I have started this new habit; Observing people and lost the habit of being self conscious of everything.
Observing People; I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing because some people just let me be and watch while others turn, look at me, and ask "what?"
Watching people, To me at least, is entertaining. I really do not understand why i do it.
Being Self Conscious; Was a big issue and habit in my life. Everything, My hair, My face, My cloths i made sure was perfect. I would always be conscious of the flaws i had that day or many days and try to fix them. However, More recently I have been abandoning this habit, I am so happy about it c:
I feel like these two things are linked together because I think watching people helped me realize that everyone has flaws and imperfections that can not be fixed. Making me realize that it's okay to not be perfect and conscious of every little flaw. c: