Do you really know who you are?
Of course you have a name.
But do you know who you are to me?
My world was flipped upside down,
when you first walked into town.
Chaos turned into organization.
What I took for granted was no longer the granted.
Seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years...
Things I had dreaded...
Were now things I cherished.
You saved me.
You know how?
From myself.
That deep depression I hid within.
I owe you my life.
That doesn't effect the biggest factor here though.
My love for you.
The love we have for eachother.
I think it's time you got recognition.
So stand up for who you are.
Not what this thing we call 'reality' makes us.
But for who you really are!
You are amazing.
One of a kind.
What is there to doubt about that?
Why do you question reality?
What truely is reality?
There is none.
What you get, is what's delivered.
You are...
a friend,
a hero,
a free soul and kind spirit.
A knight in shining armor.
A comedian with a heart of pure gold.
You're you.
Be proud of who you are and don't ever doubt yourself.
You won't be lost for long.
You're too good for that.
I love you.
And I say that with all the pride, happiness, and truth I can.