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Stories and books
Storyes and books I'm either starting or have finished.
AoT 5
(20+ for part 6)

Steven woke up the next morning to find Rachel was sleeping in his bed next to him. Knight was sleeping next to him on the other side. "Hmmm?" He sat up a bit to see it was 6 am and in about a half hour they had to start walking to school. "Rachel wake up." Steven taped her side softly and she squrmed a bit sitting up. "I'm up I'm up...." She muttered yawning. "Why are you in here?" "I had a bad dream last night...." "Oh?" "Yeah and I needed someone next to me to feel safer and since your my chosen one it was you I picked to be with last night." Rachel sat up and walked to the bath room to brush her teeth. Steven got up and walked over to his cloths. He grabed a clean pair of comfy boxers, a pair of socks, a pair of nice baggy blue jeans, a loose long sleeve plain whie shirt that he shuvved the sleeves up to his elbows, a pair of work boots, and his dog tags. Rachel got dressed in a aky blue skirt and a white dress shirt with a blue tie and a dark blue sleeveless vest, a pair of knee high blue striped socks and a pair of normal school shoes. They walked out of the house and started walking down the street. "So about this dream you had..." Steven started to say when Rachel cut him off. "Its near......" "Whats near?" "The creature I told you about yesterday... Its stalking us... Its watching... Its going to come after us soon...." Steven blinked and shivered a bit relizing he had a feeling of being watched since leaving the house. "when is it going to attack?" "I awhile... Most likely while we are in school... So lets stay on our guard ok?" Rachel suggested walking a bit fast. Steven nodded walking next to her.

They walked through the frount doors of the school. No one to be seen anywhere. Not even in the classes. "Where is everyone?" Steven scratched the back of his head. "I sense it... Its by the gym!" Rachel started running leaving Steven there surprissed. "Oh great...." Steven started runnign after her. Once he finally got to the gym he could see that all of the students we laying on the gym floor out cold. "What happened?" He turned to see his answer, A huge....... thing standing on the blachers with Rachel in his giant hand. It set Rachel down who was also out cold and slowly stepped down to face Steven on the ground floor of the gym. It stood so tall over Steven that Steven had to look so far up to actually seee its face. It lookes like its covered in bangages all over to the lower waist. A pair of what looks like glowing red riped up pants and gaint feet. It seemed to glow a red aura. Its face covered with bangages exacpt for one eyes the glowed a bright blood red. Steven stepped back a bit. "Oh god......." And with out warning it attack swing its huge arm at him. A sudden spark filled Steven and some how with increadable speed jumped back dodgeing the attack, it hit the ground skaing the school. Steven back away again. The blue music note on his lower ab started to glow dimly. Steven felt as though he was being filled with amazing energy. The creature attacks again but this time Steven didn't dodge, instead he grabed the giant fist and pushed it to the side like it was nothing. the creature stumbbled a bit falling to its knees. On impulse Steven lifted his hand and some blue auras started forming something in his hand. It soon came out to be a katana with a glowing blue blade, the handle has blue straps. The creature stood up and seemed to started to laugh, a low evil laugh shaking the booming all over the gym shaking the ground. ".... Finally.... The real fight begins...." It says in a low vocie. It liftes it own arm up and some red auras start forming something in its hand. It forms a gaint red steel morning star. "I will kill the Blue defender!" The creature yells out and attacks.

Steven dodges the first attack and blocks the next. Steven on the defence right now as the creature pounds onto Steven with crushing blows making Steven fly into walls. Steven stands up after so many crushing blows breathing heavy. Steven liftes his sword up and this time he has had enough. he attacks with such speed and strength that the creature doesn't even see whats happens. Steven is now on the other end of the gym and the creature has a huge gash in his shoulder. The creature takes a double take and falls to its knees. Instead of bleeding it startes to fade into a red aura. "You may have one this time Blue one... But there are many more from were I have come from... And they will all be out to kill you and your Blue Goddess.... But never forget.... that you have one the battle... Against the Red Brute.... I'm am one of the weakest... But you will become stronger... Blue Defender.. Protect her with all you have..." It then fades away and the red aura disappears. The students start to wake up and Rachel does the same. The katana Steven had disappears as well. Steven ran to Rachel who was un-aware of what has happened. "What happened?" "Nothing Rachel... Everything is fine." Steven smiled helping her up. The students returned to their class not knowing what had just happened and the day went on as always.

Onc Rachel and Steven got home Steven got a into the shower and started to wash off the days stress. As steven washed he had no idea that Rachel had stepped into the shower behind him after undressing. She wrapped her arms around Steven Waist making Steven jump a bit. "A-ahhh! Rachel!? W-what are you doing?" Steven blushed a bright red but Rachel held onto him softly. "Thank you.... Steven...." Was all se said as they stood their in the shower quitly. Steven then turns around and Rachel wrapps her arms around his neck softly and Steven wraps his arms around her waist pulling her closer. She leans up on her tipy toes brushing her lips against his gently. Steven blushes a bit looking into her eyes as he leans down a bit kissing her lips softly. They kiss for what seems like an eternaty before moving back a bit. They finished their shower and dryed off. They walked to his room and lay down. She lays her head down on his chest as they cover them selfs up. Tomarrow was a day off from school and they were going to stay home all day. Steven holds her close to him and they slowly fall asleep.

The end.

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