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This is me!
Take a note: Blood is just red sweat.

My Physical Info

I Was Born As: Jeannette Elliot
But You May Call Me: Jenn
I’m The Creature Known As: Human
In Case You Can’t Tell, I’m: Female
Been Around For: 19
My Best Friend(s): Butterfly Knives

My Personal Info

I Chase After : Boys.
People tell me I am:A b*tch, moody, hard to figure out.
But I wasn't always like this. I used to be pretty fun.
Life Story: Trained from early on to be what I am, a soldier.
I was always good, not quite a prodigy, but I made people notice me.
In fact I loved my job & my life.
Everything was great until I lost my entire team on an op,
I was to blame, I screwed up.

My Puppet Mater!

Puppet Master: Jorillaa
My Blood Runs :