Yup. I have been fangirling over Julien Kang and Lee Min Ho. heart emotion_bigheart Omo! *fans self*

I should eat something and get ready for work. Yup. C'est la vie. I work.. 4-7:30. Then two days of 11-3pm. Then Wednesday is Sears. Short shift there. Thanksgiving is a 4-7:30 again. Then black friday I work 7am to 2:30pm. Saturday I work 11:30-7:30. ><' Pray for that. I'm nervous. It's dishwashing. I was trained on it once over a week ago, and it was turrible. I'm nervous. I'm nervous about black friday too since I've never done that particular job. I'm going to have to memorize my duties. LOL. I know someone's supposed to help me, but at the same time - I need to know what I'm doing.

Anyway. Tonight in addition to waiting and busing tables, I am the coffee girl and the garbage girl and the sweep-mop girl. I like mopping. I hate sweeping.