sometimes i cant hear myself think
without you its hard to sleep a wink
in my time of need you where always there
now i feel like you dont even care
"stay with me" or "im sorry" is all you had to say
and i would have forgiven you the very next day

i think about you every second and feel pain
i tear up at the thought of your very name
i miss you so much, more and more each time
now i can only escape through drugs and rhyme

i love you more then life and none of this is fair
how you manage to leave and vanish into thin air
i gave you ever chance that you even needed
clinging at you to stay as i begged and pleaded

it kills me to know that you diddnt seem to try
now everything you said feels like it was all a lie
the love we have is so strong and pure
but how can we keep it if your never sure

desperate for your very touch and voice
i still think that we made a good choice
if we could only work things through and get back together
im sure we would love each other again and be happy forever