Heavenly Celestials (not really..)

Breed: Angel
Name: Kana Nadeshiko
Age: 14 years old
Height: 4'9
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Jewel Blue
Skin tone: a bit of pale
Clothes: A blue tube frilly dress.
Accessories: Big Blue Bow and a axe and a skull

> Childish
> Evil
> Clumsy
> Girlish

> Sweets (cakes, candies, etc.)
> Blood
> Brutal things

> People who is happy

> She was often drench in blood splutters


Breed: Fallen Angel
Name: Ash Nedeshiko
Age: 19 years old
Height: 6'2
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Skin tone: Asian color
Clothes: <Use the reference pictures>
Accessories: A white rose stained with blood

> A Gentleman
> Brother-like to any people
> Attached to little kids

> Manipulates people

> Unknown

> He has very good looks that can seduce women
> He is very strong and skilled at everything

The Heavenly Celestials
Background info:
Kana went down to earth to find her mother but later found her on her death bed. Her mother became an mortal after falling in love with a human that causes her dead. Since she died, Kana took her mom's skull and talk to it as if she was alive. She didn't went back to Celestia since she was amused with the way of humans do especially committing a sin.
Ash was thrown out of Celestia for hiding the facts about her mother and his little sister. He was accused of killing a lot of human but it was something he didn't do. He followed Kana down to earth as an Fallen Angel and protect her from things they didn't expect.

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