For the most part, they follow the same assets that Humans do. However, they have additional things to keep in mind.

1. They must never reveal their identity to anyone besides their leader, lover, and family. It is treason to do so, and both parties will be punished accordingly. The punishment is lighter if they are friends, or fellow members. However, it is still not allowed.

2. It is uncommon for them to have a lover outside of their own people, but it is allowed on certain conditions. The outsider will be required to make an oath in front of the leader to keep their people, and lands a secret. If the oath is broken, they will receive a bounty on their head.

3. When they decide on a lover, they must contact the leader so they can make note of it. They are also to remain loyal to that person until one of them dies, however this could be abused by outsiders who don't have loyalties.