So I've been going through some real honesty problems with certain people in my life and I just want to let it out today. I'm a very honest person its very rare that I will ever lie and when I do its either because I made a promise I dont want to break or if it's for your own good. Obviously some people aren't like that and they feel they have to lie about things to fit in or be cool well to be honest that's not cool. Just be you and if the person or group your trying to be with or be like doesn't like it then so be it but that doesn't mean pretend to be someone your not. I know a person right now that has been lying a couple of times scratch that a lot of times thinking that by them saying what they say is going to help them fit in more. Well people aren't stupid its easy to tell when a persons lying about something and it shows how desperate you are trying to fit in and that's where low-self-esteem and manipulation comes in. You start thinking its because im not pretty enough or i dont have as much boys coming after me like they do then you begin saying you'll do anything to be seen or get attention. Its not the way to go people so again just be you be honest.