So here I sit, a complete and utter mess.
Tearing up at the slightest thing.
Its complete bullshit.

I hate needing you.
Its a hassle.
But at the same time I love it.

How do you just not notice your phone?
I just don't understand especially when the one way of communication with someone you love is by the phone.

Indeed I shouldn't have been so angry towards you.
But I just get so sick and tired of feeling like I come second and I have to fight for attention.

And you said we could have time tonight.
But I guess you forgot about that since you're having friends over.
I'll just sit off quietly in my corner and wait for you to come to me.
Since its just not worth arguing.

This is what happened last time, feeling of being shut out and away by you.
But I'll just keep my words to myself.

I've never felt so upset and lonely in my life.
This is just dumb.

I'll just wait until its my turn. Whenever that comes.
I'm sorry I'm so spiteful.
But I feel like everything I feel and say has been said before and felt before.
Broken record.