Everyone looks up at Jake. He has his head against the wall and is looking out the window.
"You have no reason to be sorry."
Jake keeps looking out the window,"He was my father."
"You can't take blame for anything he did. You hadn't even known him until yesterday."
Ada holds my hand again,"You've been uncontious for 3 days now."
3 days...wow. I hold her hand, not being able to grip it that good,"It doesn't matter. Jake, promise me your not going to take this all on yourself."
He said nothing, still looking out the window. The door suddenly opened and everyone, aside from Jake, looked over. The Pres and Ashley walk in the room.
Asley runs toward me,"Leon!"
She lightly hugs me,"I'm so glad your alright! You really scared me back there!"
She continues to hold onto me. I bring my right hand around her,"I'm fine, you know that."
My voice isn't as soft as it was earlier, but it's still not back to what it usually is.
Ashley's voice sounds concerned now and a lot softer,"but....you reminded me of Luis...don't ever do that again."
I think of our experience in Spain. Luis. I hadn't heard that name in a long time,"That's not going to happen again. Don't worry about it."
She finally gets up and smiles,"Good."
Pres,"Thank you. This goes to everyone. You've taken down the heart of Umbrella, and on your first day of the job."
Chris"We may have taken down Umbrella's biggest man..."
"But the battles only half over."