He comes to me
and says
“Build a world
a world of anything
you wish to be in it.
Just not him.”

He sets me in a glass box
and tells me to imagine it,
my world without You.

So i start to.
i Imagine rows and rows
of tulips
and daisies.
Endless rows
of my favorite flowers
and i Imagine a river
flowing through the field
with a weeping willow,
it’s branches dangling over the water.
i Imagine herds of horses
and skies with fluffy clouds
and rays of light.
i Imagine that it’s not too hot
not too cold.
Just over the weeping willow
it sprinkles little raindrops.

Then i Imagine him
standing in the middle.
He smiles
that perfect
and opens his arms.
He welcomes me.
Invites me into his embrace.

i Imagine a fire starting.
It spreads across the field
burning the flowers
the weeping willow,
polluting the river with ash
and turning the sky red.
It burns him.
Kills him.
I kill him.
And his expression
burns into my memory
Why would I
burn Paradise?
How could I?
he asks.
I know how.
I know why.
wasn’t Paradise
without you.