I dreamed the world ended
Or at least the little bit I was on did
I dreamed that everyone in the little area I was in died
Except for me
And two other guys
And one other girl
But where were you?
You weren’t the one walking me home.
You weren’t the one holding my hand.
You weren’t one of the random dead bodies that littered the floor.
So where were you?
I thought of you in my dream.
I thought where is he?
Is he ok?
Is he alive?
But I never thought of her.
And when I woke up
I wanted you to be there
Laying next to me
Arm around me
Holding me
Whispering everything was alright
It was only a bad dream
But you weren't there.
You never are.
No matter how many times I want you to be there
You just aren't.
So I lay there awake
Wishing I could go back to the dream
Where at least I didn't have to live
Knowing that you would rather have
a less than one in a million chance with her
Than have me.