Get a little closer, let fold.
Cut open my sternum and pull,
my little ribs around you.
Through arms that may be under, under you.
Ill take the south pockets gladly,
over the rocky cliffs that you leap.
To peer over and not forget what feet are.
Spilling threads of thunder over me.

But I might see with my chest and sink into the edges round you.
Into the lakes and quarries that brink, on all the edges round you, round you,
round you.

Okay, its far fetched. But, if this isn´t about an acid trip, I feel like this song is about being a hopeless romantic, nearly to the point of irrational desperation. The person realizes that they´re naive and easily conned by the people they fall for, but it seems as if that fear is overrided by the passion they feel towards the other.
Its a little creepy, and probably doesnt make for healthy relationships, but their love is unconditional. Even if it hurts them, physically or not.