Crazy Dreams

Tell me tell ya'll about one of my favorite dreams evar! it happened in 8th grade.

So the dream starts off with me trying to get a trip to england to meet the stars of Harry Potter. They just happen to come over to my house( which in many more dreams to come My house is never my house it just happens to be my house.....). Suddenly the house is swept up "the Wiz" style into the far future. The house is back in the same place in the future(but everything looks like the past b/c my dreams are retarded). I leave the house and look down the street. My old elementary school in real life is two blocks away, but in dreamland this jawn looks like they took the school building and sat it on a high hill. the bottom of the hill looks like Broad and Olney turned into a fortified labyrinth.

Im roaming around the streets wondering wtf happened when futuristic truancy officers (on them geeky two wheel jawns u stand on and it rolls around) are surrounding me. "Your coming with us" they said as i get rounded up in this net thing and it's all mafia movie dramatic.

Next scene, im in the Broad and olney labyrinth and it's the longest ever line to get on the School train. So i get to a certain part of the line and it's bubbling around something, rather someone. I look at him and its the most pitiful sight i have ever seen. It's this boy sprawled out on the floor. His desperately trying to gather up his spilled pretzel sticks that some mean person knocked over. I look around and see that absolutely no one is helping the boy so i rush over there and i help him. ( this is when i notice the boy looks soo weird. he has red hair and pale skin but he looks like Doug Funny animation tho). He looks up and gives me a small smile as i smile back and try to get back in line( cause this girl told me that if i dont get back in line something bad happens) when my cousin Daren (and he always randomly appears in my dreams) tags me. So i chase him weaving in and out of the line but then its to late and i miss the last train when these "sailor moon opening" bubbles come out of no where and collect the 3-4 ppl that are left ( Daren btw has disappeared nvr to be seen in the dream again). Now lucid me( my awake conscience me) knows that these bubbles are experimental in transporting ppl to school and its going to kill me. But as the scene whites out, dream me is returned to the moment before Daren tags me and this time i decide not to chase him. I make it on the train ok.

It been a few months that ive been at this school. Im walking the halls talking to the girl who warned me in the line( who is now my BFF) when suddenly i stop. At the end of the hallway the most beutiful person i have ever seen. Its this guy, who's like, angelic. He's floating, silently beckoning to me, his long red red hair is flowing in the wind( that's not there lol). Im like, "OMG [BFF Girl's name], Do you see this?" she's like "see what?". "the dude the dude, you can't see it?" Suddenly she gets a clue. she pulls me to the side and says " wait a sec its not this dude with long red hair is it?" i say yeah. I explain to her that ive been seeing him for a while now whenever im in a hallway by myself. She says "Did you help that little boy in the line ever???!!" i think about it and say "yeah...........why.........?" So Bff girl tell me that the dude is an alien........( i do hate telling this part but lol) whose looking for a mate.......and he uses the "spilled pretzels" as a ploy and whoever helps him starts seeing the sexy dude.

So more and more as the days progress i see him and he gets sexier and sexier with each passing. But i keep my distance, viewing from afar, but that last time i see him i cant stand it anymore so i tell myself. "Next time i see this dude i'm gonna walk up to him". So i go in to the (Leeds middle school) lunchroom and i see him again. As im walking to this dude some ppl come up to me and i think they are about to do something terrible to me and extra sexy red hair angel dude is about to (i think ) protect me when my alarm goes off. In my room i notice that It was very bright gray for 5:30 so i look out the window and it's the first snow of the year.......