All right so obviously my last entry was kind of...well yeah ya probably know.

But on to more calmer and less paranoial topics- My life is going pretty much in a straight line. Aside from school and all of my english homework. Unfortunately.

There's just one thing that I really need to get off my chest. Two nights ago I had a dream in which me and my friend Kyo went over to my ex's house. My dream self was jittery and really wanted to leave before an encounter could be made, but then he came out of his house. I couldn't look him in the eyes, but at the same time I knew that he had changed. My friend walked up to him, said hi and hugged. So when the time came for him and me to greet I said nothing and tried to look away. Then I felt a tug at my arm and I was being pulled towards him.

AND alarm woke me up with a heart attack of the century. I seriously don't understand myself. I should be over him. But recently everyone's been bringing him up and I don't know how to truly answer when they ask me about him.

Stupid female hormones that plague me with confusion. And now I have a crush on a guy who I never talk to and is a senior.

Big question of the day, do I tell the guy I like him? He'll graduate in the coming year so I guess it's pretty pointless, but should I live in the moment and take a chance? My mind is a mess.

Nothing that a little R&R with Evil-o's can't take care of...I'll ask him for advice too. Haha. He's so my fag hag (he's straight though).

So long my blog reading readers.
Einz, Zwei, Drei *SHAMWOW*