November 17, 2012

I been happy lately.
So that's good.
I had a pretty good week. Glad its gonna be the weekend.
I even got to hang out with one of friends, my best friend. So
It was nice. We went out and ate, and just walked around in town.
It was fun.
Had a nice dinner. Ate some grape leaves with some rice. It was tasty.
I made a drawing.
I heard there is gonna be another borderlands 2 add on coming on the 20th.
So its gonna be so late night fun. Playing that stuff.. haha
I chatted with my old best friend.
On skype.
Just using my drawing tablet the whole time.
Screen sharing.
It was fun.
Just got off a while ago.
I'm sleepy.
I didn't wanna let him go.
Wanted to talk more.
but I know I had too.
Oh well.
I miss yesterday.
and the day before.
and the month before.
and the year before.
and the year before that.

I'm getting sad again.