Be about you in it.
No matter what happens..
I guess it will be.

There was so much I wanted to say today.
I expressed it not by words alone.. but pictures and drawings.
It was actually fun.

We had our laughs
We had our little argues

At the night..
It seem like you wanted to say something.
Or maybe it was me who wanted to say something.
I didn't think I was gonna be saying those things.

It seems you have not forgotten.

I hope the memories we had.. were not bad ones.

Mine are not.
If I was to draw all the memories I have.
It would be so awesome.
It would be like a story.

Mine story.
with you in it.

I feel like talking.
And talking for a long time.
Just type all thats on my mind
and just keep talking

if i did it would go on forever.
I'm getting tired.
but its fun to express yourself.
today was an awesome day!

It was the best day of my life.