Besides the growth in the number of sites over the net, the website hosting services in India has been growing at a rapid pace. This is the impact of the much hyped involvement of the usage of internet in our daily lives. From small to big, product or services, everything is within your reach through the sites that promptly deliver every requirement of yours, at your very doorstep. It has contributed largely to get the web hosting services in India gain a very strong foothold, as more and more domestic companies are launching their sites.

This frenzied technological development in the website hosting services in India has made the hosting service providers competing with each other for the number of businesses. Here it is important to understand that economy plays a major role in the selection of web hosting services India, by the webmasters. The more features at a less price, is something that a webmaster always looks for. Here the hosting companies have to get the best features assembled at the lowest cost possible, so they may add their profit margin to it, without making it costlier.

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The already cheap shared hosting service has a good response from the Indian webmasters for their sites. Mostly novice webmasters who have just started a site that has a very few traffic doesn’t need high bandwidth features. Shared server hosting meets this criteria very effectively but it can’t match with the features of VPS and dedicated servers, which are two of the fundamental hosting devices. No root access privilege lies with the webmaster, which makes the running of the site a bit restrictive as the webmaster has to contact the server admin for any kind of small support.

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The dedicated server is the high end server among the three; it provides a physical server at your sites’ complete disposal. All the hardware, software and applications are installed after configuration only to run your website without giving any resource to other sites, since there will be none. A team of technicians will always be there to look after the hardware and software on the dedicated server. Full root access is given to the webmaster that allows a thorough functionality of all the operations and applications run on the site.

The virtual private server hosting or the VPS hosting is something that falls right between, the top and the bottom hosting servers. This categorization is based, on its high end features and low end cost. All of which makes it very affordable. It has multiple virtual servers divided out of one physical server through virtualization software but the number of virtual servers is not the same as on a shared server. Here also root access like the dedicated server is provided to the webmaster.

All the hosting servers have either Linux or windows hosting OS, this is absolutely a matter of choice for the webmaster. However, if you choose to have SEO hosting along with the web hosting services, it will cost you less but benefit you immensely. At times they both are available in a perfect package, if you wish to try them.