It's been a while sense I have posted a entry to this thing. I haven't really felt like posting or doing much of anything really. So much has happened these last few years. I lost both of my grandmothers, one right after the other. I never got to say goodbye to the second one, I found out through facebook when she passed. It's what I deserved though for not telling her Maw Maw Maria passed away. I still miss one of my old best friends I see her sometimes when I go to slidell to shop. I wonder how she's doing. I wonder about her mom and her grandmother. Sometimes I entertain the thought of what if would be like if years down the road we could actually be friends again. I think I am better though, I actually have drive now. I do what I need to and I have grown up a little. There are still songs I can't listen to without crying though. For example any thing by Aaron Carter. Sometimes I wonder if we were actualy friends or if all we had was RP's. She would never listen to me, she would talk about her day and her angers but never listen to mine. I complained to much she said. Anyway moving on, I am a freshman in college now. I am going to be a teacher. Pre-k through 3rd. I am loving college. I have reconnected with a few friends I haven't seen in years. But once again I am a freshman and they are seniors..I won't see them anymore again. I'm gettting married in less than a month. I am nervous as ********. Oh well that is my life up to date. If anyone reads this give me a shout, I miss you guys.