ok so braking dawn pt 2 is now out 2day i cant wait 2 go see it black friday nite with my brothers wife and her mom the since the last entry i have had my sis younger kids sleep over and it sucks im watching jeremy kyle show now on tv l did see vd last nite omg stefen and elana broke up now i hope damon helps her heal and she tells damon that she loves him 2 like he loves her he has always been their for elana and i think on cares date with klouse should go well and care should brake up with tyler i do like him but klouse and caraline r a great coulp but that is just me thow eating leftover pizza 4rom bianches this ausom local pizz place now jk os over im watching with out a trace my aunt al and her fam and granpas side r doing thanksgiving early like saterday at like a hotail and swim and suff im not going nate and rose will most likly be their and i have no pasence 4 them this week well i want 2 finish my lunch