I'm just glad he's alright.
The voice is soft and quiet. It's Ada.
I open my eyes, seeing that I'm in what I think is a hospital. Looking to my right I see Ada and Claire. Ada has her head laying on her hands. Her elbows rest against her knees. Claire has her left arm around Ada,"He's strong. If any of us could of gotten threw this, it would be him."
"Ada" My voice is softer than I expected. I'm weak, and it shows. She looks up, along with everyone else in the room. Jake is against the wall infront of me next to Sherry who is sitting down. To my left are Chris and Piers, who now walk toward my bed.
Ada looks like she's been crying,"How do you feel?" I hope she's not expecting a good answer. The pain's less, but still there. They must have given me morphine. I'm more weak than in pain at this point.
"I'll be fine."
Chris puts a hand lightly on my shoulder. Turning he looks down at me,"We're all glad to hear that. It's a relief."
"Thank you, everyone. I can't repay you for this."
In reality, they all helped me. Chris and Ada kept me awake while waiting for help. Sherry, Piers, and Claire got help for me. Jake carried me to the people that were there to help me so I could get the medical attention I needed faster. I owe it all to them.
Chris"Repay us by getting better soon. Now you get some rest, you sound warn."
"I'm fine." I try to prop myself up a little better, but I'm stopped by the pain in my wrist and chest. I try not to wince, but it sneeks out.
Chris and Ada grab my arms to help me, but I nod in a no responce,"I'm fine."
That didn't help my argument. I sounded like I was in more pain than when I talked earlier. I grab my left wrist with my right hand. There's a brace on it.
Chris,"The doctors said it'd be a while before it healed, and your going to need thearopy for it. It's beond broken."
Jake,"I'm sorry."