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Stories and books
Storyes and books I'm either starting or have finished.
Zday 3
(20+ for part 4)

We were running... We had no idea were we were going to go and how we were going to get there but we were going. We couldn't just stay there... We should have just stayied put... But we didn't....


I awoke to the sound of Setphonie sturing abit to my chest. it seemed to be early, the sun just rising. I sat up and Stephonie yawned ditting up in my lap. I blushed a bit since the feelings I had for her were fairly strong. "Morning..." she had mummbled to me laying her head down on my chest again yawning softly. "Morning. You slept well." I say scratching the back of my head. "Yeah, I didn't even hear those things last night. I was listening to your heart beat.... It calmed me..." I notice that she was blushing a bit too and I smiled. "Oh...." Was all I could think to say. We stood up from the couch and looked out the window. "Its clear..." I say steping over were I put my guns. "Are you going to leave me?" She asked me. "No. I'm bring you with me. I can't leave you here alone. I'm going to bring you somewhere we can stay for some time safly." I say handing her a silanced pistol. She looks down at it and nods holding it like she was expiranced with a gun. I didn't pay no mind to this and walked to the door. "Ok I guess we'll move quikly and try to head to the market and see if we can hold out over there. I don't know if we'll be able to stay there but if we can we'll do that and hold out until we have no supplys left." I say as I open the door and move down the steps, Stephonie close behind. "Sounds good to me." She says as we walk down the street. The market was about a mile away, and with the pace we were moving it would take us about 20 minutes to get there. I check my watch to see it was only 11 am. As we walked down the street the moans and groans started to get louder. Something was going on down the street, we could see a group of them around a house. I soon relize it is a budy of Stephoines. Krista, a year older then I and was about 5'7, red hair and browen eyes. She was quite but her brother was loud. I guessed that her brother must have been making alot of nosie and as soon as we got to a point that we could see, I prove my thought. Her brother was on the roof yelling down to the lifeless bodys. "Oh no...." I sighed softly not knowing how to fix this. I could see Krista in the window looking at us. Her eyes were pleading and I couldn't stand it and niether could Stephonie. She lifeted her pistol and started taking some out. I lifted my silanced sniper out and started doing the same. They were droping like flys. There wasn't many but there was enough to waist about an hour of our time and we were still about 15 minutes from the market. Once the last one droped we quikly but quitly moved to their door, her brother stoped yelling and was looking down at us. "Howdy." "Hi Greg." I say movign tot he frount door and opening it. We move inside and come to met Krista. "Hi guys....." She mutered softly handing both of us a bottle of water. Greg walked down the stairs, he was as tall as I was, browen hair and brwen eyes. "Thanks for your help you two." He says giving me a hand shake. "No prob. Why are you guys still here?" "Because we don't know what else to do, so I've been yelling loud to get these things attenions so that other people can get out of town." "Oh how about you two come with us? We are going to the market to set up a base camp." "Might as well, theres not much we can do here." "Ok we'll we are leaving here soon so pack up." And with the Greg and Krista get to packing. Once they are done its about 7 pm. We get on the road and theres not much on the roads so we can move freely. Once to the market we come to find it was empty, full shelfs of food. We searched it top to bottom and once donw we started blocking the doors. Once we finished it was about 9pm and everyone was ready to sleep. I Took first watch and every sat down in the cornor of the store close to an exite that we could escape but nothing could get in. The place was dark at night but we set up lights in every cornor, row, and area. The moans were loud and seemed to be right outside. This was going to be hard but we could make it... Atlest I hoped we could make it....

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