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Shimmer the Litheless
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Why is buying presents for people to hard? I mean, maybe it isn't that difficult but I like to buy the perfect gifts for people. I want them to love it and have no complaints about it and think that I'm a great gift giver. I think it comes from how bad my parents are at giving gifts and how they always tell me I'm so great at it. sweatdrop I dunno.

There was one time I bought a gift my dad for Christmas that my mom hated. It was a sake set and she said I was trying to turn my dad into an alcoholic. I was only 15 I think and considering my dad hardly ever drank any alcohol, it made me very angry that she would say this to me. I'd thought about it and remember the things he said about wanting to try Sake. I remembered small details that she didn't. How did I know she didn't? She bought me the EXACT same gift as two of my siblings. The gift was a boombox. We'd all received boom boxes two years prior and I still had mine in perfect condition. The only reason she bought us all one again was because my sister broke hers. The gift wasn't full of thought at all. It was horrible idea and I was sick of receiving the same gift as my siblings every year. Since two of my siblings and I are close in age, we'd always get the same gift. But the problem is, unless you put your name on it there is bound to be room for argument on whose it is so we were always arguing about whose Scooter was whose, whose boombox was whose, whose game was whose etc. etc. It was really annoying and I really hated that she lumped me in with my siblings. We are definitely not the same people! talk2hand

After the boombox incident my mother and I continued to argue past Christmas and we hardly spoke for three months because she kept saying I gave a bad gift that year even though she thought I bought great gifts every other year and I was pissed we all got the same so it was just three months of ignoring each other during a time where I was having super PMDD issues (Which I've never been clinically diagnosed with but my Dad who is a doc said I probably had it. It's cleared up now that I'm older and I'm just always cranky xd )

It's stupid and totally first world problems to argue about gifts but I guess no one likes to be told that they suck at gift giving. I've made sure to remain good at giving gifts throughout the year. So, I've become really worried about giving my husband a gift this year. Last year we we had just gotten married and weren't going to be able to spend Christmas together so it was more like, simple gifts. I got him some Kraken Rum which he liked. But this year we have to celebrate our anniversary and christmas and I already know what he bought me which I love so I have to buy something equally as awesome. So I'm freaking out about it cause everything I buy has to be online since I'm in Afghanistan and so I have to take time into consideration for arrival. I keep spending large amounts of money >< stare

So far I've bought him a watch (He doesn't have my gaia so it's okay) from Emporio Armani for $200 and today I bought him two Sex Pot Revenge shirts. It's the same shirt in two different colors so he can choose which one he likes. I also bought him an IU DVD cause he likes that KPOP star. Then I also got him a Sex Pot Revenge Belt. All of that plus shipping cost me $175. I still want to get him shoes, pants, and this really cool vest and maybe a few wigs but I'm having a hard time finding everything in a good style that I think he'll like and that I'll like on him. He doesn't like shirts with things on it which both shirts I bought have things on them. So I'm trying to make up for it by finding some nice black pants that aren't busy and a non-busy jacket/vest and a few button downs. I think by the end.. I'll be spending at least $500. But I know he's already spent $200 on me and then some. He kept saying he wanted to buy me a new laptop but I was like... noooooo cause that is a LOT of money and I'll feel like I have to spend an equal amount. eek

Why the hell did I get married >< sweatdrop

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